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David Haigh
Canadian-British Artist
1936 - 2003

Slide Shows 

Slideshows require a browser with JavaScript installed and enabled.  They have been tested in FireFox 3.5 and Internet Explorer 8, and should work with any subsequent releases of these browsers.

Slideshows will open in a new window.  To return to the catalog, use your browser`s Back button.

Slideshows depend on the server's capability to load the image in a timely fashion.  For various reasons, the slideshow may appear to "freeze" and then skip several images if communication to or from the server is compromised.  This is normal, and if the slideshow is repeated, the images may well display as expected.

The slideshows show all images in a reduced format (height 600 pixels).  You can press Stop and go through the images manually using the Previous (<<) and Next (>>) buttons, or you can select a specific slide from the drop-down title box.  The other buttons take you to the first slide of the set (|<<) or the last slide of the set (>>|).  Press Play to resume playing the complete slideshow automatically.  Once started playing, the slideshows will repeat until they are stopped or closed.

For obvious reasons, works for which no image is available have not been included in the slideshows.




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